Work Benefits You Shouldn’t Leave on the Table

When you are applying for work and considering offers, it is important to think of more than just your salary. Keeping your benefits in mind as well will help you to make the best possible decision as you plan for the future. There are many benefits that businesses can offer you, and while some of them are just nice to have, others are essential to keeping your future as bright as possible.

401(k) Matching Contributions

Your 401(k) is an essential part of planning for your future and for your eventual retirement. That makes it important that you have access to 401(k) matching so you can have as large of a benefit as is possible. According to Betterment for Business, if you are in the process of negotiating salary and benefits for a new position, it is worth it to make a 401(k) with matched contributions one of your required benefits. This will help you to protect your future and ensure that you can have the retirement that you deserve.

Dental and Vision Insurance

While most people know that they need health benefits from their work, some people forget about the importance of dental and vision insurance as well. Having good dental coverage can help you to keep your teeth and your overall health in as good a position as possible. If you need glasses, vision insurance will help you to be able to replace those glasses regularly, so your prescription is always up to date. According to Maccaro Pediatric Dentistry, kids need regular dental appointments to take care of potential cavities.

A Generous Paid Time Off Program

Paid time off is an essential part of any benefits package and you shouldn’t take it for granted. Look for PTO benefits that give you plenty of time for vacations and sick time in addition to coverage for other needs that may come up. While businesses are required to provide family medical leave through FMLA to employees who have worked full time for over a year, that time isn’t necessarily paid. That’s why having a good PTO package is essential to living as fully as you can.

You deserve a job with a great salary and awesome benefits. It’s important to negotiate for the benefits you need so you can be taken care of while you work and during your retirement. The better your benefits are the more you will appreciate your work and feel fulfilled in your industry.

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