When is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Your Loved One?

As your senior loved ones get older, it is important to have a plan for their financial and health care. If your parents, grandparents, or other loved ones aren’t in a super stable place financially, you may want to consider some different options to help them. Starting up a reverse mortgage deal could be incredibly beneficial for someone in a financially unstable situation for many reasons.

Little to No Retirement Savings

As your parents or older family members don’t have a lot of savings stored up, a reverse mortgage may be a good possibility for them. Your loved ones can use reverse mortgages to keep them financially afloat. A reverse mortgage allows older homeowners to draw on some of their home property’s equity, converting it into non-taxable cash. This can be a huge financial help for older couples, especially if they are anticipating expensive life changes like sending children to college, downsizing to a smaller home, or other types of living expenses.

Assisted Living and Long-Term Care Costs

It’s common to take out a reverse mortgage to pay for assisted living costs. In fact, millions of Americans seek to use reverse mortgages to pay for long-term care expenses. This can allow people to remain in their homes longer while they use the benefits and assistance of long-term care, promoting more independent lifestyles. Some of these types of mortgage loans don’t have monthly payments and don’t even need to be paid off until your family member moves or passes away. If your older family members have racked up some costs and bills from assisted living or long-term care facilities, they should probably get a reverse mortgage.

Helping Widows

The reason that the first reverse mortgages were invented was to help women without income whose husbands died. Many of these women didn’t have sufficient savings to raise their families and needed to go out and find jobs. They definitely weren’t in a position to be buying a new home if their homes were taken from them as a result of debt or other financial issues. With reverse mortgages, your loved ones will be able to maintain the ownership of their property by utilizing their home as one of their biggest financial assets. Rather than paying monthly mortgage payments, the homeowner’s property provides equity that functions like credit, providing a way for the homeowner to stay in their home.

If you see that your loved ones are under a lot of financial stress, remember that a reverse mortgage could be a huge blessing in their lives. Especially as they enter their later years, they won’t want to worry about going back to work or taking out loans that they won’t be able to pay back. Encourage your loved ones to look into the possibilities of a reverse mortgage to see if it is a good fit for them!

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