What You Need to Prepare for End-of-Life Arrangements

No one ever knows when they will reach the end of their life. Therefore, it is so important to think about what you want at the end of your life and make some plans. It is never too early to do this, and plans can and should be revised periodically to reflect any updates or changes in your decisions.

Update Your Will and Beneficiaries

To prepare for your end-of-life arrangements, you should update your will and name beneficiaries. This is something you should ensure is updated periodically to reflect your life changes. Making a will and naming beneficiaries will ensure that your assets go to the people you choose. You can name family or friends as beneficiaries, charities, or a trust. You can give property such as real estate, financial assets, personal belongings, pets, or personal or family heirlooms to your beneficiaries. Be specific in your will about your assets and about named beneficiaries.

Plan for Costs After Your Death

Part of your end-of-life arrangements are planning for the costs after your death. Part of this is thinking about your funeral, planning for it, and paying for some of it in advance. Paying for your funeral and burial in advance can help protect you from rising costs. You can choose where you’d like to be buried or if you would prefer a green burial or cremation. Cremation can be significantly cheaper than burial.

Death Notice or Obituary

A death notice provides details of death and information about funeral or memorial services and is paid to be in the newspaper by family or funeral home. An obituary is written by a journalist and published in the newspaper. It gives details of death and funeral services as well as telling the life story. You can take another burden from your loved ones by writing up a draft of an obituary. There are some obvious details your family will need to include after you have passed, but you can write up details about your life. This is also a great way for you to leave lasting words and your lasting impression. You can share what really mattered to you during your life.

Preparing for end-of-life arrangements can be done at any stage in life. Preparation allows for some pressure to be taken from your loved ones. This also ensures that the people around you know about your wishes when the day does come.  

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