What You Need to Do Before Making an Insurance Claim

Insurance is often seen as one of life’s necessary evils. Sometimes you’re required to carry it, while at other times it may just seem like the better option when compared to the costs you could incur if you don’t have it. If you do end up needing it, it has the potential to be a real benefit. Before you go filing a claim with your insurance though, there are some things you should do first.

Gather All the Information

According to Understand Insurance, it’s important to make sure you have all the right information and evidence at hand before you file a claim with your insurance. Dates, names, the facts about what happened, and the damage done to you and your property will all be important. If you have video evidence or pictures to support your claim, those should be helpful as well. The specifics of the information and evidence you’ll need to provide will differ depending on what type of claim you’re filing, but the basics should carry over pretty well.

Understand How to Deal With an Insurance Agent

The insurance agent you talk to over the phone may seem pleasant enough, but the insurance provider he or she is representing may be less so. The agent has a job to do, and they don’t keep their job if they don’t do it well. That can make them tough to deal with at times. According to Rogers Beltran, insurance companies often try to drag out a case as long as possible. They may also be reluctant to provide you with a settlement for your claim that is truly fair. Be very careful about what you tell them. Saying the wrong thing could have a significant impact on your result.

Consider Retaining an Attorney

If you’re having trouble dealing with your insurance company, it may be worth talking to an attorney. Some attorneys offer a free consultation that you can and probably should take advantage of. According to AllLaw, attorneys tend to have more clout with insurance companies. They get taken more seriously and can often help you get a better result. Retaining the services of an attorney isn’t the answer for everyone, but it’s an option that is at least worth considering.

It’s important to be as prepared as possible before you file an insurance claim. Make sure you have all the information and evidence you need first. Go over some do’s and don’ts for dealing with insurance agents. Depending on your circumstances, it may be worthwhile to consider retaining the services of an attorney. It may seem like a lot, but the more prepared you are going in, the better off you’ll be at the end.

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