Our Founder and CEO

James Daniel Snow

To say that James is a complex person with an extensive range of experiences would be quite an understatement.  Born into a unique heritage inclusive of Sottish, Irish, Dutch, and Native American, James could be described as embodying the strongest qualities of each: Extremely driven, confident, social, and loyal.  These traits served him well when enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Operation Desert Storm period, having been a Combat Medic.  Experience received during his time in service to our country would prove useful in areas of leadership, teamwork, project management, coaching, and becoming an entrepreneur.

James’ first business venture was in the IT market, where he built websites for small businesses in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, while continuing his education.  It was during this time that he began to hone his expertise in information security and data breaches.  That ultimately resulted in the first major transformation to his business model, which incorporated receiving extensive training and certification in Risk Management and Identity Theft.  Coupling this expertise with additional credentials in employee benefits would over time lead to James’ next major transition in business model.

From the time James was serving in the U.S. Army up to the present, there were certain business qualities which were always present: working closely with others, trust, reliability, integrity, honesty, driven attitude, ethics, and loyalty – just to name a few.  It was with the culmination of all of these that would result in James next adding to his portfolio, the credentials and experience necessary to assist others in their financial needs from a more comprehensive perspective.  Because of all of these steps it took to arrive at where we are today, is why Jas.Advisors.Grp with James at the helm, is able to successfully posture as the authority in financial planning for veterans, their families, and their veteran owned businesses.

Experienced in military benefits, their uses, and application; combined with a knowledge of protecting sensitive information and financial assets both on a personal and business level; makes for a comprehensive and tailored result for each and every client.

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