3 Things You Should Consider Including in Your Investment Portfolio

Building a nest egg is unquestionably a difficult thing to accomplish. However, we all know that it’s well worth the effort. With a bit of experience, one of the things you’ll realize is that you need a diversified portfolio. Although they require some research, there are a number of unique items you can put in yours. Here are three of the most popular.

No-Load Index Funds

No-load index funds are an investment that can bring long-term success. The shares in these funds are sold without any type of commission or sales charge. One of the main advantages of a no-load fund is that every dime of the money is working for the investor. For example, if you invest $5,000 into such a fund, all of it is working to your benefit. On the other hand, if you invest $5,000 into a fund with a five percent commission, you will only have $4,750 working on your behalf.

Commercial Real Estate

If you do it the right way, investing in commercial real estate can make you a lot of money. A great return on your investment is possible. Of course, there are some disadvantages to this type of investment as well. With commercial real estate, you cannot afford to just be an absentee landlord. There is usually a large time commitment and a bigger initial investment. Moreover, you will usually need professional help in order to have work done on the building. Keep in mind that historical buildings often require a little bit more upkeep on the front end, but they can pay off big time if that investment is made.This market went up steadily for many years, but it has recently been subject to fluctuation.


There are a lot of advantages to investing in collectibles. As some of the rare investments that can actually rise above it, they provide a hedge against inflation. Collectibles will always be in high demand, and they are not susceptible to interest rates. After all, who would have seriously thought that a vintage Honus Wagner baseball card would fetch over three million dollars? Of course, there is always the traditional gamble of deciding which items will appreciate in value. Nevertheless, collecting rare items is definitely an interesting way to invest.

These are all options to consider when launching into the exciting world of investing. They can help you diversify your portfolio and even have a little bit of fun in the process.

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