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When you have your "Total Needs Analysis Report", then you have in your hands, the first and most vital step towards creating and building upon your own financial legacy!

This report shows you not only where you currently stand financially, but where the gaps and pitfalls are lurking. With this knowledge we are able to develop a tailored solution to many of the problems you not only are currently experiencing, but also the future ones by putting flexible strategies in place that are designed to allow for unforeseen events.

In addition to all of this, your Total Needs Analysis will contain useful information such as tips, charts, graphs, and descriptions about key areas in your long term plan, such as Budgeting, Cash Flow Analysis, Savings Progress Goals, Investment Forecasts, Social Security Tips, and much more!

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This no obligation consult will allow us to get to know you and your family better, along with what your goals, hopes, dreams, and concerns are as well as gathering the necessary information together to form a comprehensive and cohesive report and plan of action that will take your legacy to the next level!

Leading causes of a disability

Muscle / Bone Disorders
Mental Disorders
All Others

Most disabilities are caused by illness, not an injury / accident.

What respondants said when asked what meeting their financial obligations would be like, if their paychecks were delayed by only one week.
Somewhat or Very Difficult 70%

The average duration based on claims incurred from 1986-2013: 4 Years

This information above is just one area that we look at when we put together your Total Needs Analysis Report.  There are many others, which could have even more of a devastating effect on your family or your business.

Businesses failed due to not properly planning for unforeseen events

Business Liquidations

We can prevent this with proper strategy being in force.  What is stopping you?

The only person that can protect your business is you

Our comprehensive approach, partnered with your Business Legal Counsel and CPA will create a bulletproof solution that postures your business for longevity and success.

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