Signs That You Have What It Takes to Run Your Own Business

You’re about ready to begin your own business plan and get all of your clients together into an organized file so that you can run your own business. But this seems like a massive jump and can be, frankly, a little stressful. How do you know you’re ready to make that leap? How do you know you have what it takes to run your own business?

You Can Think Creatively

You already know that creativity is an important part of what you’ve been doing, but you might not know how critical it is to all small business owners. Part of building a small business is thinking about ways you can diversify not only your clients but the ways you need to shift production and the way your team works together. You have a chance to learn creative flexibility, and to make it possible to make those large shifts that need to happen in the marketplace.


You Love Taking Risks

Around 45 percent of businesses fail within five years of starting. So, starting any business is a risk, to begin with, but don’t let that put you off! Instead, learn how to take calculated and intelligent risks. A calculated risk is one that is helped by both your financial planner and your trusted mentors, to make sure that your risk is one your business can withstand. However, small business owners learn to love taking such risks, because risks can have major payouts for those who are financially prepared.


You Are Passionate and Self Disciplined

In order to really be ready to begin your business, you must have a great passion for your idea, product, or creations for that small business. Without that passion, it will not be possible to sustain the kind of self-discipline it takes to be able to be a small businessperson for longer than two or three years. Without that self-discipline, you will not have the chance for success. However, when you do have that passion and joy in your product, and the self-discipline to see your ideas into fruition, you can become an excellent entrepreneur.


Do you have what it takes to run a successful small business? If you’re doubting, start slowly! It’s ok to continue to work while building a clientele for your small business on the side. You can begin and discover passion and self-discipline as you progress into the calculated risk of entrepreneurship!

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