Potential Sources of Income Lying Around Your House

Have you ever wondered if some of your older possessions are worth any money? Maybe you’ve thought about doing a garage sale for all the old stuff lying around your house, but you’ve wondered if it could be worth more than a couple of bucks. Here are a few ideas of some of your possessions that could be potential sources of income for you and your family.


First off, you may own different collectible items that could be sold and produce a source of income for you. According to Invaluable, things such as vintage dolls, antique brand toys, or valuable paintings could be worth a lot of money. Items such as old video game consoles, historic memorabilia, and glassware collections, and art deco pieces are also very valuable. There are vintage collectors and lovers of antiques that will pay quite a bit of money to get their hands on pieces such as these. If you’re wondering what possessions of yours could be worth something, try identifying their age and origin. This information will allow you to do research on the potential worth of your collectibles.

Precious Metals

Without knowing it, you may have a few different sources of precious metals lying around your house that could be worth a good amount of money. Many pieces of jewelry are just plated with valuable metals but aren’t made entirely of them. However, high-quality jewelry or vintage jewelry often consist of high levels of precious metals and can be sold or melted down as a source of income. Additionally, according to CrownBuyers, dental implants are made of gold, silver, and other metals, making them another source of potential money.


While you may not have clothing that was sold for a significant amount of money, it could still make you some income on the side. There are many different companies and websites that will buy your gently used clothes. According to The Everygirl, you should go through your closet and find clothes that don’t fit, are slightly outdated but still gently used, or that you aren’t interested in wearing, and sell them through a thrifting site or consignment store.  Especially since clothing thrifting has become increasingly popular in the past few years as people have tried to move away from fast fashion, this is a great way to get some extra money from old clothes lying around the house.

Whether you’re in a bit of a tight financial situation or just looking to make a bit more money on the side, remember that you could have things laying around your house that could be your next source of income. Take the time to look in your basement or attic, or through the old boxes that you inherited to find items that could be valuable. Researching the value of these types of items could lead you to have an easy source of income.

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