How to Make Sure You Have Enough Money in Retirement

Once you retire, you’ll want to live comfortably and to do that you’ll need to have plenty of money to save. There’s no set amount for how much you’ll need because everyone will have different needs. However, there are a few tactics you can use to help you save up enough.

Maintain a High Savings Rate

One of the best ways to make sure you’ll have plenty of money in retirement is to be saving enough. To do so, you should maintain a high rate of savings. Everyone’s savings rate will be different, but a rule of thumb is to save 10-15% of your income. If you start saving later in life, this rate may need to be increased. There are also ways you can personalize your savings rate. When considering how much to set aside, think about your typical lifestyle and anticipated financial needs once you retire. This can help to guide you as you determine how much will be enough.

Avoid High-Fee Products

There are many products you can invest in now in order to increase your finances later. However, many of these products have fees associated with them. For example, if you put money in an actively managed mutual fund you’ll need to pay fees for the management team or manager handling your investments. Likewise, there are fees associated with certain insurance products. Insurance agents get paid a regular commission for the products they sell. This commission is often added into the fees you will have to pay. So, many of these products might have investments later on but it will require many fees in the meantime.

Pay Off Your Debts

Once you are retired, you’ll be on a fixed income. You don’t want to be spending any of this money on mortgages, loans or other debt. If you want to have more money available once you retire, you need to pay off your debts beforehand. You may also come to the decision of whether to pay off debt or save for retirement. While you may think you should prioritize saving, you have to consider when those debts will be paid off. Saving may give you plenty of money, but you’ll only be spending it to pay off the debts anyway. So, start now to pay off your debts so you can enjoy your retirement on your own terms.

Preparing for retirement is very important and there are many ways you can do it. Everyone has individual needs, so don’t feel pressured to follow the same path as someone else. Determine what your needs are and do what works for you.

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