Everyone has a story

What is your story?

At the core of who we are individually, I think that there are a few things which not only define us, but also unite us. Our story is one of those things. Or more specifically than just that, our innate desire to have one.

The truth is, however, that we all have a story to tell; very unique, just as our fingerprints are unique. Part of that story is what experiences we have had – such as our upbringing, our education, our childhood memories, our past loves, friends and family we have found and lost…   Another part of that story is the byproduct of those things: what becomes our principles, belief system, and our values. Taken a degree or two further, and that becomes our passion, our focus, and our mission.

All of this I have mentioned culminates into a very important part of our lives, and in turn what we do with it. It drives us, gives us steam, creates the motivation to accomplish great things – or at least it should. This is ultimately what we are each created for. To aspire for some level of greatness that creates an impact on those that walk through life beside us, or those we cross paths with, and even those perhaps that we work with in our respective careers.

In the end, when all of life’s actions and inactions, choices and regrets, decisions or lack thereof, and what was done with them are counted, weighed, and measured… the answer to that question will be our Legacy.

Whom did we bless? Whom did we help when they were in need? Whom did we help to grow into a better form of the person that they were? What change did we affect in society? What causes did we represent and fight for? What example did we set for those that are watching – because someone is always watching? What did we demonstrate by our beliefs and our convictions? What did we do, that only we in our uniqueness could? What mark did we make that said we existed, and should be remembered by many because of it?

We should begin and end every day with intention and purpose considering these questions. We should put them on as if they are part of the wardrobe we wear to the workplace. We should embody these fundamentals as the truths they are, and reflect them in a positive light. That is, after all, the purpose of our lives. To make such a mark on the world and those around us, that it is impossible to ignore the fact that your having been there was responsible for every ripple that was created by you. Your Legacy.

Is it a beautiful legacy, or does it still need work? There is always time, until finally it runs out. Don’t waste your opportunity to change the world. Your unique contribution is only able to be made by you.

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