Financial Courses Available through Jas.Advisors.Grp

  Our courses are designed for those that wish to expand their knowledge into understanding the ins and outs of financial planning either for themselves, their families, or for their businesses.  This coursework program will effectively allow you to go from Kindergarten to PhD level in knowledge, however, given that many financial vehicles, services, and products require certification and licensing, you will NOT be able to market or purchase these products without the assistance of a certified and licensed professional in your state. We strongly encourage everyone to become more familiar with what is necessary to create a multigenerational legacy, for yourself, your family, and your business, although since the rules and regulations governing these vehicles tend to change often and drastically, it is recommended that you have a relationship with a financial professional whom can stay current on all of the required courses, certifications, continuing education, licensing, etc., so that you may also focus on what is most important to you and your situation.   The purpose of these coursework systems, are so that people are more aware of the intricate world surrounding financial planning – how to navigate all of the minutia involved, be familiar with the terminology and uses for each of these strategies, and to open the minds of others so that they may get a look into another world where what you may have thought was impossible, is in fact not only possible, but likely with the right tools, expertise, and access to the programs necessary to make it happen.   There are two ways to proceed in furthering your knowledge with Jas.Advisors.Grp Financial Literacy:
  1. Course by course (the DIY approach): This option is for those that only want to know more about a specific subject, financial vehicle or strategy, or how to implement a given step into their own financial strategy that is in place.  DIY approach is not recommended for the faint of heart, or someone that is not inclined to easily understand financial theory and processes.
  2. Take the entire course at your leisure (recommended): This option comes with with complete access to not only all of the individual courses, but 1 on 1 access with our Principle Advisor, James D. Snow, whom will work with you step by step to put these strategies into action.  This program also includes reporting on your personal situation, current progress towards your goals, and coaching on how to implement these advanced strategies into your own plan, both for personal needs as well as business needs.
Both options are highly effective in getting you to where you want to arrive in your goal planning.  The difference is in the amount of time that you want to commit to the process, and how much you want to leave to the professionals that do this every day.  

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