Being Prepared Will Pay Dividends

You would be surprised how many times people I meet say that they are “taken care of”, without even knowing what that means in today’s economy.

How would someone know if they had everything together, if they did not constantly and consistently seek the advise of a professional that knows the tools, numbers, rules and regulations, strategies, etc.?  It seems foolish to be for someone to be so flamboyant or flippant with what could amount to not only your own future and Financial well being, but that of your spouse and even your children.

Is it not Biblical that we are to leave a legacy to our third generation? 

Given that, I can’t say that it is very smart to just go through life all “Willy-nilly”, expecting all of the right pieces in your life to just fall into the perfect order.  It takes work, more work, and then after you have done that, even more work!

How about everyone stop being prideful for a change, and admit that if you asked yourself the question “how can I be sure?”, that we really don’t have a good answer!

Talk to an independent advisor, whom can take this journey alongside us, so that we will actually have the correct answer.  This will also bring peace of mind that when our great grandchildren are asked who we were and what we did, that they will have an answer based upon our own good planning, and not have to tell someone that “they don’t know”.

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