4 Side Gigs You Can Start to Supplement Your Income

If your monthly income from your current job isn’t quite enough to cover your monthly expenses, get you out of debt, or help you save for a large purchase you want to make, consider starting a side gig. These micro jobs can be picked up at any time to provide a little bit of extra income each month.

Become a Personal Assistant

There’s a big demand for personal assistants from both companies and individuals. Personal assistants are responsible for helping their clients manage email, maintain a calendar, monitor product stock, and more. As a personal assistant, you can either work in an office with your client or work remotely, communicating mainly through email and calls. There are a lot of agencies that help match gig workers to clients as well, and many are open to people without experience.

Truck Driving

If you enjoy driving long distances and have free evenings or weekends, working as a temporary truck driver can be a great side gig. Most jobs in this industry will require you to obtain a CDL, so make sure you’re preparing for the CDL exam so you can get through that step ASAP. Be sure to check the CDL requirements in your jurisdiction as well. The more experience you have, particularly in transporting dangerous or fragile cargo, the more you can make for each delivery.

Teach Online

If you have expertise in a subject, particularly in math or science, consider teaching or tutoring online. There’s a range of companies such as Chegg or Yup that are constantly hiring new tutors who meet their requirements. You could also start your own tutoring business and list your services online.

Online teaching is still an option even if you don’t have subject expertise. There are a variety of Chinese companies who hire fluent English speakers to teach English to children. Many of these companies pay up to $20 per hour, but it’s important to keep the time zone difference in mind.

Delivery Driver

Drivers are needed for a large range of small deliveries from Amazon packages to take-out food. If you have a regular driver’s license and a car, it’s easy to start driving for any of the contractor-based delivery apps out there. One particular benefit of delivery driving as compared to rideshare programs such as Uber and Lyft is you’re often tipped more and not required to keep your vehicle clean and empty.

No matter what you choose to apply your talents to, there’s a wide range of side gigs you can start to supplement your income. Many people even do more than one side gig in combination to maximize their potential income and reach financial goals like saving for an international trip or paying off debt.

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